Join the BBC

Dear Neighbor,

Twenty-five dollars is a small price to pay for the sense of community it can purchase. Every single dollar you give to the Bedford Barrow Commerce Block Association goes directly to your own community.  You can see the results of the BBC in action every day.

Accordingly, we hope you will consider making a special gift in addition to your membership dues, so that we may continue to:

1. Care for 120 street trees in our neighborhood
2. Remove graffiti and maintain and paint tree guards
3. Maintain and paint our historic Bishop’s Crook Lampposts
4. Sponsor Special Forums featuring speakers, artists and writers
5. Distribute our BBC newsletter and annual handyman list to keep our neighbors informed and engaged
6. Advocate for the neighborhood to local and city officials
7. Plant flowers and bulbs each May and November and water tree pits during summer
8. Celebrate the holidays at our annual Holiday Party in the tradition of the Old Village
9. Support our neighborhood charities like Caring Community, Cherry Lane Theatre,
Christopher Street Patrol, Hudson Park Library and Greenwich House of Music School, and
10. Keep the neighborhood connected!

PLEASE CONSIDER BECOMING A TREE HUGGER!  When you return the enclosed envelope with your BBC membership renewal, please add a contribution for the trees—anything, from $5 to $5,000, would be a HUGE help. Thank you, from the trees, for your generosity.

Volunteers are welcome and needed for all aspects of BBC activities. Please leave your name and area of interest by emailing or calling (contact info at top of page).


Kathryn Donaldson
President, BBC Block Association


Online Membership Form
(Use the DONATE button on the Home Page to submit membership fee.)


Alternatively, you may apply via snail mail:

Mail the above form and your $25.00 membership check to:

BBC Block Association, c/o Donaldson

81 Bedford St., Apt #5F

New York City, NY 10014

    • 9 issues of the BBC newsletter, the BBC Guide to Holiday Happenings, and the Annual BBC Home Improvement Referral List
    • Monthly meetings, featuring speakers and chats over coffee